“The Greatest System Available for Buying a Home”

The VIP Home Buyer System

The Special Benefits for being an EXCLUSIVE member:

1) First Time Buyer “Study Session”. Any and all your real estate questions will be answered! We sit down together and go over the entire home buying process, so you understand exactly how it works. What are your goals regarding home ownership? How specifically can we help you best in your home buying decision? What is your ideal house? What fees are associated with buying a home? What are the closing costs? Can the seller pay them? All your questions will be answered for FREE and without obligation.

2) My Professional “Dream Team.” I only work with the most skilled and motivated professionals. Which ensures the entire home buying process is simple, smooth and enjoyable for you. The Dream Team includes title companies, loan officers, home inspectors, appraisers, and more. These professionals are top notch in their industry and close deals quickly and efficiently.

3) Exclusive Buyer Protection (Representation). Be Protected! This agreement spells out what every client asks for. That I legally represent you and your best interests. AKA - I got your back from beginning to end.

4) No Money Down Packages. Do you want to buy a home with no money down? There are several ways to STILL OWN A HOME with No Money Down! Know your options. Learn now.

5) Make Sure its “Worth it Guarantee.” You'll receive this when we find the home you want to write an offer on. The “Make Sure its Worth it Guarantee” makes certain you’re not overpaying for the home you wish to purchase. We compare recent sales in the same neighborhood with similar features and benefits to see if it’s worth the asking price. Essentially it’s an un-official home appraisal. We’ll do this for every property you consider owning. Because we got to make sure it’s worth it the price!

6) Expert Contract Negotiation. Do not have an amateur fill out your contracts! These are legally binding documents. One mistake could cost you thousands. You need a Realtor with experience and savvy when dealing with contracts. It is the biggest purchase you'll ever make.

7) House Hunters Program. When looking to buy a home, most agents pick out 6-8 homes to show you, then try to sell you one. Why limit your possibilities? With our unique house-hunting service, our computers will search ALL homes currently for sale by all real estate companies to find those homes which match your specific needs. This information is sent to you weekly by mail or email, for as long as it takes, until you find EXACTLY what you want.

8) Best Loan Promise. There are TONS of different loans to choose from. The possibilities are endless. Conventional, FHA, IHFA, RD, VA, Fixed, Adjustable Rate, etc. We are experts in the real estate business. We are familiar with all the above loans and through some basic questions we’ll be able to find you the Best Loan at the best Rate Possible. It’s our Best Loan Promise.

9) The Secret Housing List. We study homes every day. That’s where we prefer to spend our time, searching for homes that best meet our client’s needs. Through our searching we find homes that are the absolute best deals available. Every two weeks we make a short list of homes we feel are EXCELLENT properties priced for much less than they’re worth. Only VIP Buyers get access to this special list.

10) Save $5000 on your home purchase GUARENTEED. If we don’t save you at least $5000 off the listed price on your next home purchase then we’ll pay you $500 cash at closing! We are home buying specialists and we back up our promises with Guarantee’s.

"The Greatest Benefit of All, The Entire VIP Buyer System is FREE to you! When we find you a home, The Seller pays the commission, you owe NOTHING. It’s absolutely FREE to work with us."

Don’t take our word for it …

- Chris, I have $30,000 in equity sitting in my home right now! We purchased it for $150,000 and the comparables are all at least $180,000! The deal you found me was incredible and I truly appreciate your knowledge, expertise, and negotiation skills. Thank you. Nate F.

- Thank you so much for all your hard work, helping us make this happen! Because of your help Chris, we now have our dream home. And we absolutely love this new home. You did everything we asked and then some. I believe it meant a lot to you for us to have this home as well. Thanks a million!! Very Sincerely, Joy & Curtiss W.

- Hey Chris, Great Job!! We really appreciate you and the work you put in to sell our place. We are so happy to have that burden relieved and we hope that you have many successes in the years to come with your career. Thank you! James and Sondra H.

- Thanks for selling our home so quickly. We had it listed with a different realtor for 9 months with no results. Shortly after listing with you, the place sold! This was a trouble-free transaction. We’re thrilled with your service! Thanks again. Tanya and Mike M.